About Us_

OneMark is a diverse creative agency powered by a team of driven professionals who believe they can conquer the world of Advertising!

Who we are_

Where do we start? Let’s begin by telling you some things that we love.Football. Donne Biryani. A good cup of coffee. Meeting new people. Conversations, within ourselves, our clients and their customers. Road trips. Sharing stupid memes. Spamming Whatsapp groups. Grills. Relationships. Treks. Netflix. Fighting for the right causes. And yeah, Ideas, especially that stupid big fat one. Does it give you a fair idea?When we enter our zone, we are a hierarchy of ideas, not people. We’re not just Digital Marketing Experts strategizing Marketing Solutions, we are a bunch of passionate problem solvers who thrive on idea-centric storytelling. We challenge what comes our way head on. Be it a marketing problem, a notion, an idea or a thinking to evaluate all perspectives for arriving at insights and result-driven solutions.We are always hungry for a good meal and challenges! If you have one for us, we’re game!

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Let’s work & Build Something great together.


At OneMark, we are masterful storytellers gifted in crafting compelling and powerful branding experiences using the best creative direction, dramatic visual design, and innovative technical expertise.