To know who you are + -

Build a robust strategy for your brand at any stage of your journey. Know who you are, your strengths, where you are and where you wish to go.

To be known for something + -

Ideas can make or break your brand for the next five years. Be known for something unique deeply rooted in your brand that differentiates you from the crowd.

To stay memorable + -

If an idea is king, content is queen. We believe there’s magic in idea-centric storytelling to make your brand memorable.

To drive results + -

We don’t just create great ideas, we make sure they perform using the right performance marketing tools and reach the audience with appropriate distribution strategies.

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Founder & Designer

Anil Kumar

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Video Editor

Meher Krishna

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Front-End Developer



At OneMark, we are masterful storytellers gifted in crafting compelling and powerful branding experiences using the best creative direction, dramatic visual design, and innovative technical expertise.